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Beneath the Sea

These images are almost 50 years old, spearfishing and later scuba diving have been the passions of my youth, a fascinating experience, it all happened at the very beginning of this now popular sport. My first camera was a Rolleiflex 3.5/f with Rolleimarin housing, probably 1965 and later a Nikon F with NikoMar housing from Al Giddings, electronic strobe and Kodachrome film.

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A collection of my wildlife images from Belize, Borneo, Brazil, Canada, Peru and Sri Lanka. It is always challenging and fascinating to be so close to wild animals in their natural habitat, you need a lot of patience and a good amount of luck, always a rewarding experience.

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Feathered Creatures

Images of birds from the countries I visited, mostly large and water birds. A portfolio from Belize, Borneo, Brazil, Florida, Peru and Sri Lanka.

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I retired in June 2012 and left Belize after 17 long years. Free from responsibilities I decided to travel the South East Asia, a fascinating part of the world I didn't know. It is such a different environment, different people, different religions, different traditions, different cultures, different languages, it has been an amazing experience. Mostly images of people, ethnic minorities and rural markets. Images from Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam.

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Roberto Fabbri Wildlife Photography